Kastle Young Bird Developer 500 g

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Young Bird DeveloperTM is formulated to ensure nutrient needs of rapidly growing birds and aid the transition during and after weaning. Easily digestible ingredients and nutrient forms promote optimum gut health, intestinal and immune development along with feather and muscle growth as training approaches. I recommend using Young Bird Developer from weaning until training begins or through first molt for show birds.

And don't forget, Acidifier Plus in the drinking water is the perfect complement to Young Bird DeveloperTM for rapidly-growing, stressed birds. It will help keep your birds hydrated and their gut acidified and with beneficial probiotics.

Schedule: Use from weaning until training or through first molt for show birds.

Dosage and frequency and application method: Moisten feed using your favorite oil (such as peanut, wheat germ, etc.) Apply at a rate of 1 Tablespoon (10g) using the enclosed scoop per 1 pound (500g) of feed and mix well to coat the grain with the supplement. Use 4 times or more per week.