Versele-Laga Superstar I.C. Plus 44 lb

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Versele Laga Superstar Plus I.C. Black Label is a complete food for pigeons enriched with the special Immunity Concept+ racing pellet. Superstar Plus I.C.+ is a widower mixture made with small French Cribs maize. The racing pellet ensures the ideal fat content. Can be combined with Gerry Plus I.C.+ or Gerry Plus I.C.+ Black Label. The Black Label Plus I.C. sports mixtures contain 10% black maize (Zes mays L. 'Kculli', sometimes also called purple maize). The Black maize originated in Peru and is much richer in antioxidents than coventional maize varieties. These antioxidents are responsible for muscle protection, creating less muscle cell damage and increasing endurance of your birds. Countering oxidation stress in physical performance in a common thread in all recent scientific publications on optimal sports nutrition for althletes. In racing pigeons glucose and fatty acids are burned in the muscle cells during flight causing oxidation stress, which reduces the energy production, endangers performance and slows recovery time. The Black Label Plus I.C. sports mixtures provide the greatest levels of muscle protecting antioxidents as possible to counter oxidation stress that occurs during flight, henancing the performance of your birds. The levels of muscle protecting antioxidents are related to the colour of the maize - the darker the maize, the richer in antioxidents! Composition: Black maize 10%, Bordeaux maize 4%, Red maize 6%, French cribs maize 6%, Small French cribs maize 10%, Toasted soya beans 6%, Maple peas 2%, Small green peas 2%, Tares 2%, Mung beans 2%, White pigeon wheat 6%, Sudanese white dari 12%, Safflower 10%, Paddy rice 4 %, Peeled oats 5%, Hempseed 3%, Brown linseed 1%, Thistle seed 1%, Racing pellet I.C.+ 8 % Nutritional Analysis: crude protein 14%, crude fat 8.5%, crude fibre 6%, crude ash 3%, lysine 0.61%, methionine 0.35%, calcium 0.15%, phosphorus 0.32%, sodium 0.03%