Vitakraft Parakeet Crunch Sticks Harvest Apple Flavor 1.5 oz

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Give your feathered pal a fun and tasty vitamin-fortified treat with Vitakraft Triple Baked Crunch Sticks Orange & Apricot Flavor Parakeet Treat. This ready-to-feed treat is loaded with tasty grains, seeds, dried orange and a touch of honey to satisfy your parakeet's love for crunchy goodies. It's also triple baked onto a natural wood stick that's safe to peck on, and makes for a long-lasting chew that supports beak health and combats stress that can lead to feather plucking. Plus, it comes with two treats so it's perfect for multiple birdies.

Key Benefits
  • Provides your parakeet with essential vitamins in a deliciously crunchy treat with a chewable wood stick underneath.
  • Outside is made with crunchy and wholesome grains like millet and wheat, plus dried orange with a touch of honey.
  • Wood stick inside promotes healthy pecking behavior to support beak health and reduce boredom.
  • Triple baked for crunchiness and taste, and is long-lasting so it'll keep your pal occupied.
  • It's ready to feed out of the package and is great as a tasty treat along with a balanced diet; package comes with two sticks.