Vetafarm Triple C 100 g

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Key Features:
Broad Spectrum antibiotics are effective against E. coli (Enteritis), Mycoplasma (Chronic Respiratory Disease), and Chlamydia (Psittacosis). Ideal for use as a front-line antibiotic when birds become ill but a sure diagnosis is not possible. Effective when administered in either food or water. Can be used as prevention for Psittacosis once per year for 45 days.

Recommended For:
All birds as a front line antibiotic where a definite diagnosis is difficult. Also useful as prevention for Psittacosis.

Can be used with:
Triple C should not be mixed in water with any other products. The effectiveness of Triple C will be reduced if calcium supplements are present in a bird’s diet, discontinue the use of calcium during antibiotic treatment. After a course of Triple C, Synbiotic should be administered to re-establish gut flora.

Restraints: NOT TO BE USED on birds intended for human consumption.

In water: Parrots 5.0g/L (1 tsp/qt), Finch/Pigeon 0.5g/L (½ tsp/qt)
In dry food: All ornamental birds 5.0g/kg (½ oz/6 lb)
In hand-rearing food: All ornamental birds 10g/kg (1 oz/6 lb)

Administration: Remove all sources of unmedicated water and prepare fresh solutions daily. Remove sources of grit and calcium for the duration of treatment. Supply medicated water for 5-7 days (Psittacosis 45 days) in glass, glazed or plastic containers.

The enclosed level spoon holds approximately 1 gram.