Beyers Ultra Mineral Mix 5kg

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Product Description

Mineral mixture with top quality grit, shells, pebble and clay products, supplemented with plants and oily seeds. The unique thing about Urtica Chlorella Mineral Mix is the addition of nettle (botanical name = Urtica dioica) and Chlorella (botanical name = Chlorella pyrenoidosa). The nettle is well known for its blood purifying and anti-allergic properties. It stimulates the separation of acids and waste products from the muscles. Plus the nettle is also rich in calcium and iron. The freshwater algae Chlorella is well known for its high content of chlorophyll, which makes it the ultimate form of chlorophyll diet. Plus dried chlorella has a protein content of 60% and the form of chlorella means it’s exceptionally easily digestible for the birds. These proteins contribute to your pigeons’ muscle development. This, combined with the grit and clay products and the small seeds like, linseed (rich in fats) and quinoa (rich in iron and magnesium) have resulted in Urtica Chlorella Mineral Mix being a very versatile product, which should form part of your pigeons’ daily care and will help you to keep them in top condition.


• During the breeding, sports and moulting seasons: daily up to 10% of the daily ration
• During periods of rest: daily up to 5% of the daily ration
• Available in handy 5 kg buckets