Finch Tri Colored Nun Female

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Description: Tri-colored Nun Finches come from Asia and are gregarious, peaceful, and calm. Sexes are similar but only the cock sings. The cock's song sounds like a kitten mewing from a distance.  It begins with a series of almost inaudible clicks, followed by an extended whine, then ends in a series of slurred notes. 

Breeding: In captivity, juvenile birds may breed before they have completed their first molt. The molt may be delayed until breeding is complete. Sometimes the Tri-colored Nun Finch species will voluntarily feed the offspring of other species if housed in a mixed aviary. Clutch size is 4-7 eggs. Both males and females participate in brooding during the day, and both sleep during the night. Hatch dates are around 12-13 days, and fledging happens in 22-28 days. Weaning often occurs 2-3 weeks after fledging and their first molt in about 6 months. 

Size:  4.5" in length and weighs 0.4 ounces

Diet: Finch Seed