Vet-Schroeder Tollisan TKK Powder 100 g

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This new formulation is probably unique in the world right now. Special active ingredients and a particular galenic kill all trichomonads, hexamites and giardia. Resistance problems, such as they frequently and repeatedly occur these days, are prevented after a treatment with this new mixture. A special digestive tracht ingredient in the TKK powder allows the faeces to roll across the loft floor after only two days.

A treatment lasting 5 to 6 days is indispensable before the race season. During the race season 2 to 3 days are sufficient.

With vaccinations or other medical treatments always provide Med. Tollyamin Forte in the drinking water at the same time. In this way you can avoid side effects from the medications and also plumage damage. The protective effect of Med. Tollyamin Forte is very important for the liver of your pigeons!

Usable as a treatment and preventive treatment against trichomonads, mucous membrane inflammation, gastro-intestinal-infections (anaerobic bacteria).


5g (1 measure) into 2 liter of drinkingwater or 2kg feed 5-7 days.
preventive: 3 days each month.


Per 100 g:
Ronidazole 15,000mg, Metronidazole 10,000mg, Ethacridine Lactate 600mg, Flavorings 2.500mg