Oropharma Supra Pills 250 ct

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Product presentation
Complementary feed for pigeons. Oropharma Supra Pills are a herbal velocity pill. They help to improve the performance of racing pigeons and support the health. Supra Pills are a selection of natural herbs that give an extra lash to make the pigeons fly even faster. Amongst others Supra Pills contain cola nut and fenugreek. Fenugreek is rich in iron and copper, whereby it can improve performance.

Directions for use
1 pill administered directly in the beak.
  • Youngsters: the day of basketing.
  • Speed flights: the day before basketing and the day of basketing.
  • Middle distance flights: the last 2 days before the day of basketing and the day of basketing.
Long distance flights: 2 pills the day before basketing and 1 pill th