Strawberry Finch Male

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Description: Red Munias, Strawberry Finches or Red Avadavats (Amandava amandava) are a sparrow-sized bird of the Munia or Silverbill family. They are popular cage birds due to the colorful plumage of the males in their breeding season. Strawberry Finches are also known for their beautiful song. Birds of a flock will preen each other, ruffling their head feathers in invitation.

These Strawberry Finch birds should not be housed with Gold Breasted Waxbills as cross breeding may occur.

This bird is a good specimen for a mixed aviary provided there is plently of room and other birds out number the Strawberry Finches. During the breeding season or when you have Strawberry Finch males housed together they will become slightly agressive towards the same species during the breeding season.

Strawberry Finches are the only waxbill that has a true song and resembles that of a Weaver but it is more monotonous. Only the males sing.

Size: 4"

Breeding: Strawberry Finches can be cage bred or aviary bred. You will notice the male collecting nesting material in which the hen recieves and begins building the nest. The average clutch consist on 5-7 eggs in which are incubated for 12-`14 days. The young Strawberry Finches fledge at about 3 weeks old resembling hen or males in eclipse plumage.

Diet: Grass seeds, and other small seeds, and insects such as termites when they are available