A&E Stackable Breeder Cage 27"x11"x15"

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SKU: OPT39142

A + E Stackable Divided Double Wide Breeder Cages perfect for canaries or other smaller breeds.  

Dimensions: 23 inch Long x 14 inch High x 10 inch High

This package is the perfect economical choice for the home small bird breeder - complete with solid & wire dividers!

Bird size recommendations are for breeding not for long term housing 

The feeder cups are hooded and clear. These cages also have breeder doors. Great design. They stack - no additional stand needed or available, however, we recommend to stack no more than 3 high unless additional support is provided to attach stack to the wall.

Each cage: 
  • Stackable - no stand needed
  • Spring-loaded feeder cup doors
  • Hooded Food Cups snap apart easily for cleaning
  • Feet for stacking or table use
  • 4 - 1/2" x 6" L Diameter Perches
  • Handle to carry or hang
  • Removable Divider - Solid Opaque (Perfect for breeding Canaries)
  • Removable Divider - Wire
    (Use either divider)
  • Removable Grille
  • Removable Tray
  • Spring-loaded front doors
  • Spring-loaded breeder doors