Society Finch – European – Black Grey

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 Bengalese Finches, and to Germans they are known Japanese Mövchen Finches, and there are no doubt many other names for this very special of finches! While there are names but there is only one very unique bird, the Society Finch can claim something no other finch can thus far, it exist only in captivity. It has never existed in a wild state anywhere on the planet. It is a completely man made finch, domesticated many centuries. The first Society Finches were bred in the Orient, probably Japan. Their captivity date back so long ago, that their true ancestry or beginnings have always been controversial. However, many authorities no believe the Asian Striated and Sharptail Manakins are direct ancestors. These wild, seldom seen Manakins are essentially identical to the Chocolate Self Society Finch. Regardless, the Society is one of the most enjoyable and easiest finches to keep and bred. Every fancier who tries them will come to realize the true value of this marvelous finch.