Higgins Sunburst Lil Veggies Gourmet Treat Stick for Canary & Finch 3 oz

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Sunburst® L’il Veggies brings together an array of small bits of vegetables and seeds for your smaller bird’s enjoyment! Great for Canaries and Finches, L’il Veggies contains carrots, spinach, and more.


White Millet, Carrots, Canary Seed, German Millet, Lettuce Seed, Flaked Spinach, Sesame Seed, Red Millet, Sunflower, Flaxseed, Oats, Nyjer Seed, Gum Acacia, Honey, Sugar.


Place the Sunburst® Gourmet Treat Stick in your pet’s cage in an area that is easily accessible. Attach treat stick to the cage by twisting the wire fastener around a horizontal bar. Discard wire once treat stick has been eaten.