Ropa-B Powder 10% (Oregano Powder) 1000 g

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Resistance of bacteria to Ropa-B is not possible. Ropa-B supports and maintains health and recovery before, during and after flight. Also during breeding, moulting, winter season and for regulation of a normal intestinal flora. Ropa-B is a high-energy supplement based on the natural essential oils of the oregano plant. Ropa-B powder is an insoluble powder that must be given in the food of the birds and may be given throughout the whole year.

Preventive: ROPA-B powder can be used safely throughout the year at 1.5 grams per kilogram feed. We recommend using it 3 times per week for prevention and daily when birds experience stressful situations i.e. transport prior to and recovery post racing. 

Recovery from bacterial or fungal challenge:  3 grams per kilogram feed for 7 days

Ropa-B powder comprises 10% oregano oil and a carrier.