Ropa-B Booster 'All-in-One' Probiotic and Prebiotic

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Ropa-B BOOSTER the an 'all in one' Probiotic & Prebiotic for inclusion in to the feed.

Ropa-B Booster is a natural additive which maintains a strong and healthy intestinal tract stimulating digestive and immune functions of pigeons. Its active ingredients are unique, improving the immune system by enhancing the antibody response – making the birds less susceptible to disease – and the wide variety of lactobacilli aiding digestion, helping them to make better use of their feed.

General Use: 4 grams per kilo/2.2lbs. of feed 3 times per week.

Post antibiotic and vaccination use: 8 grams per kilo/2.2lbs. for 5 days.

Pre-Racing: 4 grams per kilo/2.2lbs. for 3 days prior to racing.


Packaging: 180g container with a 4 gram measuring scoop.