Rohnfried Darmwohl 250 ml

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Röhnfried Darmwohl food supplement (250 ml) for the improved well-being of the animal

The water-soluble feed supplement, which contains oregano and beard lichen, promotes digestion, and facilitates the rearing of rodents, poultry, and small animals. Particularly popular for use with rabbits and hares, the feed supplement supports not only increased intestinal health but also the change of coat. In addition, Gutwohl is also suitable as a rearing preparation for chickens and chicks. Simply added to the drinking water in the chick trough, it makes rearing easier, contributes to general health, and also improves preparation for the exhibition and periods of stress.

recommendation : 3 ml Gutwohl to 1 L drinking water (3 ml / 1 L)
Rodents: During rearing and coat change 2-3 times per week
Rodents: After exhibitions for 5 to 10 days together with pH-optimal Kaninfit give
chickens, quails & Turkeys: After hatching,
twice a week, ideal supplement with pH-optimal or pH-optimal Kaninfit