Rohnfried DarmFit 1000 ml

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DarmFit contains butyric acid and medium-chain fatty acids, which increase the intestinal health of poultry (chickens, quail, and ducks). The butyric acid is active in the intestine, supports the growth of villi, and thus leads to a higher immune defense. This property is especially in periods of stress. B. chick-rearing, molting, and also the exhibition time of great importance. Animals fed with gutfit are simply healthier.

Instructions for use: Daily 5 ml per 1 liter of drinking water. Alternatively, the administration can also take place in phases.

This supplementary feed may only be used on poultry of up to 5% of its value, due to its higher content of trace elements than complete feed. the daily ration is fed.

Composition: Water, Fatty Acids, Lactulose, 1,2 Propanediol

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 5.8%, Crude fat 0.27%, Crude fiber 0.0%, Crude ash 0.2%, Methionine 0.0%, Lysine 0.0%, Sodium 0.0%, Moisture 97.4%

Content of additives per 1000ml: nutritional additives:

Trace elements: copper (E4) as copper acetate 400mg, zinc (E6) as zinc acetate 120mg

Technological additives: formic acid (E236) 74.800mg, acetic acid (E260) 23.400mg, ammonium formate (E295) 58.000mg, propionic acid (E280) 37.400mg, citric acid (E330) 2300mg – sensory additive: butyric acid 1.000mg