Rohnfried Carni-Speed 500 ml

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The main ingredient of Carni-Speed is L-carnitine. This substance, which is similar to a vitamin, plays a central role in the metabolism of pigeons. With a dosage of 10 ml/liter drinking water, the pigeons receive the required amount of L-carnitine, which science has shown to improve their performance.  The magnesium and selenium contained in it also serve as muscle protection. The pigeons are much more willing to train and their endurance is increased.

Storage: Tightly closed, protected from light, and does not exceed + 25 ° C.

Feeding recommendations

During the journey period, Carni-Speed should be administered at least 5 days a week via the trough or the feed. 10 ml Carni-Speed with 1l water, or 1 kg of feed.

This supplement may be discriminated against on the higher content of selenium complete feed only on racing pigeons with up to 20 ml per kg of feed for animal consumption.