Rohnfried Avitestin 500 ml

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Avitestin is a mix of butyric acid and short and medium-chain fatty acids. It reduces the pH value of drinking water and thus reduces the risk of infection with gram-positive bacteria. The high-quality medium-chain fatty acids exert their effect far into the small intestine and promote intestinal health by promoting the growth of the body’s own probiotics. The butyric acid it contains is active in the intestine, promotes the growth of villi, and therefore improves immune defense. Furthermore, the acids ensure that the drinking water stays fresh for longer and they have a positive effect on the pigeons’ metabolism.                    

Feeding recommendation

Feeding recommendation:

In general: 5ml with liter drinking water

– Before and after stresses

– Daily for young pigeons during the training phase. 

Tip: Get the pigeons used to the flavor gradually.

Please note: Avitestin must not be administered together with Avidress Plus. It may be given with UsneGano, Carni-Speed, and Entrobac without a problem.