Rohnfried Atemfrei 500 ml

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Rohnfried Atemfrei 500 ml (bronchial expectorant). For Racing Pigeons

The functional feed supplement with the combination of licorice and essential oils has a stimulating expectorant and to the whole metabolism of the bronchial system.
Atemfrei supports the treatment of respiratory diseases and strengthens the body's own defenses in the respiratory tract.


Feeding recommendations for racing pigeons:

- In the racing season for competition flights on two days at the start of the week.

- To support the treatment of respiratory disease for 5 to 10 days to apply daily.

Atemfrei can be administered via the drinking or the food.

- 10 ml per one liter of drinking
- 15 ml per 1 kg of feed

The dose may be doubled for extra loads.