Red-Fronted Serin Male

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The red-fronted serin or fire-fronted serin is a small passerine bird in the finch family Fringillidae. It prefers high mountain regions and is 11–12 cm long. This bird breeds in the Caucasus and the higher mountains of Turkey and Iran, with vagrants occasionally reaching the Greek Eastern Aegean Islands in winter.

Sprightly and vividly-colored little finch with a black head and a fiery orange patch on the forehead. Sexes are similar, though female tends to have a smaller forehead patch than the male. Juvenile is warm brown with black spotting on the back and wings; beware of confusion with rosefinches and greenfinches, the former of which lacks yellow in the tail and the latter of which has streaked underparts. Inhabits open forests, scrubland, and meadows in montane areas.