Versele-Laga Pigeon Feed Treat Sneaky Mixture 44 lb

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Colombine Sneaky Mixture is a titbit mix with sesame seed and conditioning seeds. Sesame seed is rich in essential fatty acids that promote the pigeons' immunity and feather quality. Health seeds are wild seeds that pigeons find in the wild.
  • With small oily and fatty seeds, readily accepted and very well ingested
  • Very popular product as a trapping mixture

Black rapeseed,canary seed, peeled oats, white millet, cardy, dari, linseed, milo, mung beans,  sesame seed, wild seeds

Directions for use

During the racing season
Widowers: 1 teaspoon per bird per day
Youngsters: ½ teaspoon per bird per day
During the moulting period: 1 teaspoon per bird per day