Parrot Finch Blue Face Lutino Male

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The Blue-faced Parrot Finch with the lutino mutation has no blue! Most Blue-faced Parrot Finches have a blue head, green body and a red rump. The lutino has a white face, yellow body and a pink rump


Active, social; generally peaceable, but sometimes pester other breeding birds. Tend to act nervous when housed in smaller enclosures.


Following a metallic trilling call, the loud, shrill song consists of repeating notes and ends with a rising whistle.

Favorite foods

Green seeds, half-ripe oats, wheat, barley; soaked seeds, greens (cucumber with seeds, sweet corn, lettuce), fruit (pear, apple, guava, papaya, figs), live food (mealworms, ant pupae, termites), small millet, canary seed.