ForteBird Ortiga en Polvo (Nettle Powder) 300 g

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Nettle Powder, Ortiga en Polvo

Nettle powder 100% pure pharmaceutical certified (free of contaminants)

Recommended for its high content of minerals (iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and calcium) and vitamins (A,C,K).

In ornithology, nettle is appreciated for its remineralizing, detoxifying, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties; it has a tonic and restorative action.

Useful in case of weakness, it helps balance the gastrointestinal tract to improve the assimilation of food and contributes to the restoration of good intestinal functionality.

The presence of pigmenting substances helps the plumage during molting, giving it a bright and intense tone. Recommended for indigenous wild birds (goldfinches, greenfins, siskins, etc...)