Vet-Schroeder Tollisan Orni 1 ONE 25 ml

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25 ml

Against respiratory inflammation and ornithosis. Inject like a vaccine into the neck of the pigeon.

When talking about respiratory infections in pigeons, pigeon fanciers talk about ornithosis, mylcoplasmosism chlamydia etc. Pigeon fanciers also speak of “fat heads” or “dry snot”. The throat and airways are inflamed, often with visible signs such as a red throat, sometimes the pigeons present with wet eyes, or as the Dutch say, the “vleijse”.

The particular form of respiratory infection known as “dry snot” is often more prevalent when the pigeons are flown in hot weather. In the summer months the extreme temperatures usually coincide with a South East win, which literally dries the pigeons mucous membranes due to the high temperatures experienced during the race and low humidity. One hours flight in extreme temperature’s is enough to dry the mouth out.

A recognisable symptom is when the pigeons start sneezing at night in the dark.

“Atishoo” or “Tsch” is what you can hear with some pigeons, others also gurgle. In most cases the pigeons noses are reddened and the red colouration in the throat confirms the fancier’s suspicions of dry snot.

Exercise decreases in length and vigour around home and poor results confirm a diagnosis of dry snot. In short, the pigeons performance decreases markedly. The most effective and rapid method of treatment is ORNI 1 ONE. A single injection subcutaneously in the back of the neck as with a vaccine. In persistent cases a second injection after 48 hours. This is also an excellent method during the season as the product does not cause a dip in condition.

ORNI 1 ONE – it helps quickly, directly and effectively!!!!!!