Nekton Pollen-Power 90 g

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Nekton Pollen Power Pollen Supplement 90g

Bee pollen is one of the highest quality foods from nature. Mixed pollen is diverse in its composition. It naturally contains, i.a. short-chain proteins, up to 20 amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals and trace elements such as iron, copper, manganese, zinc and silicic acid (silica), in addition to phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulphur and calcium. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin B1, 2, 6 and 12, as well as biotin, vitamins A, D, E, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, antioxidant polyphenols such as flavonoids, natural sugars, enzymes, plant hormones and many other beneficial substances.

Bee pollen has antiviral and antibacterial properties. They support the immune system and influence the blood analysis favorably. They also promote vitality and well-being. The diverse composition of the pollen can serve as an energy booster.

Due to various enzymes the bee pollen helps the bird´s body to better absorb the nutrients of the food. They are like a natural vaccine as they can prevent disease and boost physical energy.

Oregano to a much greater extent than other herbs acts as a natural antibiotic and strengthens the bird's immune system. Oregano can have a positive effect on the digestive system, stimulate appetite, stimulate the secretion of bile and enzymes in the intestinal area and the natural intestinal flora.

Since the collected flower pollen come from different plants, this leads to a variety of ingredients that are in a favorable relationship to each other.
Depending on the species of the respective plant, the color of the pollen grains ranges from light yellow to black in all conceivable color shades.

⋅ a natural energy supplier
⋅ supports healthy digestion
⋅ can strengthen the immune system
⋅ supplies bones with minerals
⋅ good for the cardiovascular system
⋅ can stabilize the natural intestinal flora

NEKTON Pollen-Power with oregano is rich in:
⋅ Proteins
⋅ Amino acids
⋅ Minerals
⋅ Carbohydrates
⋅ Polyunsaturated fatty acids
⋅ Vitamins
… and many other positive substances

0.2 g (1/4 measuring spoon) for small birds
0.4 g (1/2 measuring spoon) for medium sized birds
0.7 g (1 level measuring spoon) for large birds

Mix NEKTON Pollen-Power with oregano into the feed. In case of illness, the amount can be doubled, it cannot be overdosed.

Storage: NEKTON-Pollen-Power with oregano should be stored dry and out of sunlight, between 15° and 25°C.