Vet-Schroeder Tollisan Multivitamin Syrup 500 ml

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500 ml

Feed additive for racing pigeons. Can be used all-year-round via the feed and drinker. Suitable for breeding, racing and moulting birds.

Available throughout the year for food and drink. Suitable for breeding, racing and moulting. The juice is very sticky and is particularly well suited for feeding the pigeons a powder over the food.


6 ml (2 tea spoons) per liter of drinking water


Glucose, sodium chlorid

additives: Vitamins and provitamins per liter:
Vitamin A (E671) 1.500.000 Ul, Vitamin D3 (E672) 168.000 Ul, Vitamin E 500 mg, Vitamin B1 470 mg, Vitamin B2 400 mg, Nicotinic acid 5.200 mg, Pantothenic acid 1.380 mg, Vitamin B6 430 mg, Vitamin B12 0,5 mg, Vitamin C 5.200 mg

Analytical components:
raw protein 0%, raw fat 0%, raw fiber 0%, raw ash 0,1%, sodium 0,01%, methionine 0%, lysine 0%, moisture 73%