Higgins Mayan Harvest Celestial Parrot Food 3 lb

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Keep your feathered pal healthy and fit with the Higgins Mayan Harvest Celestial Bird Food for Parrots. Inspired by an ancient Mayan approach to holistic health, it’s formulated with exotic fruits and seeds, plus medicinal botanicals and nothing artificial so it’s sure to spark your birdie’s appetite and natural foraging instinct. It’s loaded with plant-based DHA omega-3 fatty acids to support overall well-being, and probiotics to help support healthy immunity and happy tummies. Plus, there’s zero synthetic ingredients, sulfites, and peanuts so you can feel good about making it your bird’s daily diet.

Key Benefits
  • An exotic and balanced blend of fruits, seeds, grains, nuts, and botanicals that’s ideal for parrots.
  • Inspired by ancient Mayan wisdom and loaded with real ingredients like pumpkin, oats, apricots, pumpkin seeds, cashews, coconut, almonds, and more.
  • Packed with plant-based DHA omega-3 fatty acids to support overall well-being and probiotics for digestive and immune health.
  • The holistic approach includes medicinal plants like cinnamon sticks, algae, cranberries, and sage for a boost of healthy nutrients.
  • Made in the USA with zero peanuts, corn, sunflower seeds, sulfites, synthetic vitamins, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


Safflower, Oats, Wheat, Apricots, Cinnamon Sticks, Pumpkin Seeds, Buckwheat, Cashews, Coconut, Roasted Garbanzo Beans, White Milo, Papaya, Flakes Peas, Pineapple, Bananas, Almonds, Roasted Soybeans, Hazelnuts, Dates, Cranberries, Dehydrated Black Beans, Dehydrated Kidney Beans, Brazil Nuts, Flaked Carrots, Apples, Green Peas, Sage, Algae Meal, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Casei Fermentation Product.

Feeding Instructions

Fill your pet bird’s food container with as much food as it will consume in a 24 hour period. Usually, for parrots (African Greys, Amazons, and Eclectus), the portion may range between ½ to ¾ cup of food per bird. For Macaws and Cockatoos, the portion may range between 1 cup and 1¼ cups of food per bird. Adjust the portions to meet your bird’s specific dietary needs. Supplement this diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Remove uneaten food and seed hulls and clean food dishes before refilling with new food. Always maintain fresh drinking water for your pet bird.

Transition Instructions

While introducing new food to your pet friend, gradually mix the new food with your pet’s old diet. Increase the amount of food over a period of 7 to 10 days. This will allow your pet to adjust to the new food and it will prevent any upset to your pet’s digestive system.