Pigeon Vitality L-Carnitine Complex with Magnesium-Calcium 100 g

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New! Pigeon Vitality’s L-Carnitine- Magnesium- Calcium Complex.  Increase the endurance and speed of your pigeons!  The natural and high activity L-Carnitine is scientifically proved to bring the fat (pigeons fuels) from the blood and into the muscle cells. The effect is higher speed for a longer time: – a  real must for medium, long distance and marathon pigeons.  L-carnitine also prevents muscle damage (sprain) and counteracts the acidity of the muscles due to lactic acid.

What is Carnitine?

Carnitine is an endogenous amino acid-like substance, the long-chain fatty acids from the fat and muscle tissue transported into the muscle cell, putting the production of energy. For the smooth energy metabolism it is crucial that both have enough free fatty acids and carnitine are sufficient as means of transport available. Note that Carnitine comes in two versions, the inactive D-isomer and the biological active L-isomer. We use only the active L-isomer in our product.. L-carnitine also prevents muscle damage (sprain) and counteracts the acidity of the muscles due to lactic acid. Particularly an additional dose of L-carnitine leads to a more powerful heart muscle.

Why have we added Magnesium and Calcium ?

The administration of Carmine causes less lactic acid to be produced in the muscles and the pigeon suffers from fewer cramps. To burn fat, however, the organism also needs a lot of magnesium, which is involved as a co-enzyme in the activation of over 300 enzymes.

Maybe you have seen sometimes pigeons coming home that are extremely tired and no longer can reach their nest box? After several days they resume exercising, but we can see that they fly at an angle, they can’t fly level. This is not a shortage of energy; it is a lack of calcium and magnesium. Administering these two minerals will do wonders within a few days. In addition, the vital mineral is responsible for the transfer of excitation from nerve to the muscle. Sufficiently high magnesium levels in the muscle cell are a prerequisite for a functioning muscle contraction and prevent muscle cramps and muscle soreness. Furthermore, in the racing season both racing hens and cocks seems to get too little Calcium, which is an important mineral needed for skeleton and muscle formation, movement of the muscles and for functioning of many hormones and certain enzymes. As a results of the normal met shortage of magnesium and calcium for racing pigeons, the Dutch nutritional expert Willem Mulder advices to give additional Magnesium and Calcium to the racers in the racing season.

Since Pigeon Vitality’s L-Carnitine contains magnesium and calcium (CMCC), you will see the birds improve before your eyes when you start to add this to the grain!

When to use Pigeon Vitality’s CMCC?

The proper use of carnitine does show advantages at the end of the race season, especially for the birds that go to the medium distance 350-550 km every weekend or the long distance races and the long young bird races. I

f your pigeons in the rest period have got weekly support of minerals or supplements (as e.g. our MultiViTra) containing among others magnesium and calcium, there is no need to support L-Carnitine with Magnesium and Calcium on sprint and short medium distances. As there will be no effect from L-Carnitine before three weeks of use, we recommend starting 3 weeks before the first race being > 400 km, and then continue to use the product rest of the racing season.

Note that when you first have started to add L-carnitine to your pigeons’ diet, you have to proceed with the addition of L-carnitine the rest of the racing season. This is because the pigeons’ own production of L-carnitine will be suppressed by adding it to their feed.

Use and dosage:

A simple rule of thumb is to add L-Carnitine-Magnesium-Calcium complex to the meals where the grain is rich in fat. Typically this is the evening meal on the day of return, and the last days before sending to a race > 400 km.

Our recommendation:

At the return day from race, in the evening, high energy grain is given. This grain should preferably be mixed with Turbo Flight (which contain short fatty acids which is rapidly adsorbed from the intestines) and 2 heaped measure levels (̴ 2 teaspoons; 6 gram) of CMCC. Number of days to give before race, depends on distance.

NOTE: The best oil to use in the days before race is Omega 3, as the unsaturated fats are the most important for the red muscles. We recommend that you mix Omega 3 and CMCC the same number of days that you add more energy rich grains to the pigeons.

This is :

2 last days before basketing for 400-550 km

3-4 last days before 600-800 km

5-7 last days before > 900 km