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For more than 30 years I have been working on the problem of the disease that affects young birds and this was one of the reasons that led me to become the owner of a carrier pigeon company.

For years, I have been reading all the articles and scientific studies about the disease of young birds. Many of these articles were in fact written by professionals, but most were nothing more than fairy tales, so typical of pigeon racing.

Nowadays, I am sure of one thing:
“In the case of the appearance of disease in the young, only a combination of mixtures will help in the complications that accompany the disease.”

  • In principle, we are always dealing with E.Coli germs as they are at the origin of what we started to know due to the disease of young babies.
  • There are always trichomonas / hexamites in the mix, sometimes more, sometimes less.
  • In 70% of the cases, fungal infections were found, which are worse than E.Coli and trichomonas and which can trigger the disease of the young. Granules, straw or even some feeds can be the means of development of fungi.

In the case of an outbreak of the disease of the babies, a cure with a combination of Adeno-Coli-Mix + TKK powder + Fungi (+ Matrix ) is recommended. In this way, all the problems mentioned above are stopped. I treated my pigeons this way and without side effects. Of course it is important to add Med. Tollyamin Forte in the water when we treat it like this, but we think that all fanciers have heard of the advantages of Tollyamin.

In recent years, I also joined the Matrix.


Because the Matrix (amoxicillin / clavulanic acid) is the best combination for pigeons against E.Coli !!!
It also works very well against streptococci and staphylococci and is well tolerated by the body.

A few years ago, during the sports season, I had problems with my adult pigeons. They had the same symptoms as the babies' disease. I treated them during the week with this mixture and the results were overwhelming: "The first 10 prizes in the classification!". Since then, I treat my pigeons with this mixture every two weeks, 2 to 3 days (Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday), during the entire sports season. There is no better way to tender !!

Dosing of the combi-mix made by us with the different products ! Dosage :

Adeno-Coli-Mix 5g + TKK powder  5g + Fungi 5g + Matrix 5g + Med. Tollyamin Forte 45ml + Dosto RopAdeno 45ml in 3 liters of water

Combination-mixture  in a 'ready to use' 100g tube! Dosage :

Combination-mixture 5g + Matrix 5g + Med. Tollyamin Forte 30ml + Dosto RopAdeno 30ml in 2 liters of water

Decide whether or not to join the Matrix. The effect is enhanced if added. In severe cases of E.Coli, the Matrix must be added. Med. Tollyamin is almost mandatory during treatment. Adding the RostoAdeno Dosto is easy to explain: The water becomes more fluid and the product / powder dissolves better. A simple trick, but brilliant and with great effect. Believe me, I have been working on this for over 30 years, I did a lot of tests and now it's your turn to do it.


Preventive during the racing season 2-3 days every 2 weeks:
5g Kombi-Mix (1 spoon) into 3 liters of drinking water - or -
5g Kombi-Mix (1 spoon) + 5g Matrix (1 sachet) into 3 liters of drinking water

By adding Matrix (amoxicillin-clavulan) the effect is significantly increased!

In case of young bird sickness or old bird sickness:
5g Kombi-Mix (1 spoon) + 5g Matrix (1 sachet) into 2 liters drinkingwater

Always add Med. Tollyamin Forte. This makes the cures absolutely compatible and without side effects for the pigeons.


Adeno-Coli-Mix, TKK Powder and Fungi