Kings Cages SLF-6421 Breeding Cage 65"x21"x62"

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Fabulous sugar glider, small bird flight cage with removable middle wire partition

King’s cages always pay more for their powder coated finishes, which are thicker & harder. to ensure that your finish will last twice as long as any of our competitors that use inferior cheap paint finishes!!

Great cage for sugar gliders, canary breeding or any small birds, finches, parakeets, cockatiels, conures.

Cage Demensions:
65″ inches wide
21.25″ inches deep
61.5″ inches High

Inside Height: 34.5″ inches
Weight: 99 LBS
1/2″ inch bar spacing
2 Nest Box Door openings
4 inside perches
4 plastic feeder dishes each with a divider
New Bird Proof Spring Long on front door
Plastic Tray and Wire Pull out Grill
Comes in 1 Box

Box Demensions:
44″ inches wide
38″ inches depth
7″ inches High

*This cage does not have seed guards.