Kings Cages ES 1818-PBR Gold (Case of 2)

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The Kings Cages ES 1818 PBR/PBK/PWH Playpen Bird Cage from Bonka Bird Toys is a straightforward and comfortable travel cage. This cage has great features and a simple design perfect for traveling. The cage features a playpen top that opens upwards and can be propped open with the included wooden dowel perch. Also on top are (2) large handle hoops that swing from side to side. The front of the cage features a large swing-out door with a simple lock mechanism. A long piece of metal with a looped top passes through (2) metal loops at the top and bottom of the swing-out door keeping it securely closed. Also on the front of the cage are (2) plastic feeding cups that can be used for food and liquid. These sit behind convenient feeding doors that slide up. These doors allow you to refill and even remove the feeding cups without opening the front door of the cage. The feeding cup doors have cage bar clips on their bottoms that prevent birds from sliding them up and open. The base of the cage is a large plastic tray where metal loops from the cage bars themselves slip into secure holes in the base. This keeps the cage bar portion secured to the plastic base. On the bottom of the base is a large white cleaning tray. This tray catches anything that drops from inside the cage and can easily be pulled out of the front of the cage by its small handle.
The cage bars are horizontal around the entire cage and are also found in the same design for the roof. As the ceiling of the cage are cage bars you can easily hang other toys and items for your pet. The cage bar spacing measures (5/8) or (0.62) inches wide. This size is ideal for smaller pets such as Cockatiels, Conures, smaller breeds of Amazon Parrots and similar sized breeds.

Hight: 27"

Width: 18"

Depth: 18"

5/8" Bar Spacing