Kanaryapo Crooked Leg Treatment Bracelet (Pigeon)

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Crooked Leg Treatment Bracelet (Pigeon)

The nightmare that bird producers experience from time to time can now be treated simply and quickly with the miracle product. How Does? It is necessary for pigeons to prevent their hips from coming out due to the crushing of their parents in the nest or to prevent their feet from opening to the sides out of control and to pass their lives in a solid way. From time to time, due to the wrong selection of nests, birds will no longer spend their entire lives disabled. Previously, the rate of treatment with materials such as tape, plastic handcuffs and sponges was very low and it was like torture. Crooked Leg Treatment Bracelets are designed for all developmental stages of your birds from the first day to the day they leave the nest. It will help your birds and you to complete this bad process in the best way with quality raw material. It is 100% Turkish Made.