Hagen Living World Vine Ball 13.4 in Bird Toy

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SKU: 080605809819
Living World Festive Favors Bird Toys offer a wide selection of attractive and interesting ways to help keep pet birds active and engaged.
Made with a variety of materials, each unique toy includes interesting colors, shapes and textures that encourage exercise and play. To entice foraging, the boxes are filled with shredded paper as an effective way to break the tedium of daily cage life.
Why not add Tropican morsels for extra foraging fun? This particular toy has 3 vine balls, 2 colored wooden bars and 2 paper boxes, all securely held together by a rope.
Suitable for medium hookbills.

Key Features:

Great foraging fun for medium hookbills
Enticing bird toy helps keep birds active and engaged
Encourages exercise and play, relieves boredom
Unique toy made of vine, wood and paper
Interesting shapes, colors, and textures
Includes 3 vine balls, 2 colored wooden bars, 2 paper boxes, held together by a rope
Length: 34 cm,,