Gouldian Finch SHOW STANDARDS - basic elements

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This great quality guide gives you the ability to recognize the quality characteristics and the faults of your birds of most importance if you are interested to develop quality birds.

Regardless of the exhibition standards that apply in your country and the way birds are judged and scored, this unique guide will introduce you to the way of thinking and the logic of the judges.

Through this guide, you will understand the defects that the birds carry, most of which we overlook impressed by the general picture of the birds. However, through this guide, the good birds of your breeding will eventually become even better. You will gradually remove the defects creating better quality birds!

The Show Standards basic elements are organized in the following sections:

✅ Type & Structure,
✅ Color,
✅ Design,
✅ Plumage,
✅ Attitude & Posture, and
✅ Condition

In each section the detailed guidelines together with photos you can see real examples of right and wrong.

Add this source of VALUABLE information into your bird room and have INSTANT ACCESS to it every day!