ForteBird RedBird 100 g

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Redbird from ForteBird, a dye suitable for birds with a red factor, such as canaries, cardinals, goldfinches, etc.

Redbird is a special pigmentation mix tested for years by expert red factor breeders. 

It contains carotenoids and top quality additives, which will give your canaries an intense, homogeneous and shiny red lipochrome.

The special mixture contained in redbird will make the lipochrome reach much further to the edge of the areas to be pigmented.

Redbird will make your red factor birds go one step further to achieve a great result.

Instructions for use: Administer 10g of Redbird per kg of breeding paste or feed for perfect pigmentation.

Its use is essential during the molting season, so that the new feather acquires the desired red color.

It is advisable in shedding to combine it with the contribution of omega 3, which will increase the shine considerably.

Composition: Highest quality carotenoids, corn starch, dextrin and other additives. 

Special conservation precautions:

Keep in a cool, dry place, protected from light.

Formats: 50gr, 100gr, 250gr