ForteBird HepaBird 250 ml

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Hepabird is a liquid liver protector, essential during treatment and prevention of liver diseases in our birds. Stimulates liver metabolism, protecting liver cells.

Instructions for use: Administer 1ml of Hepabird for every liter of water for at least 7 days.

Its use is recommended during antibiotic treatments, and rest after treatments.

The water must be renewed daily.

Composition: L- carnitine hydrochloride 50g, choline chloride 50g, vitamin B12 10mg, sodium chloride 100g, potassium chloride 75g, sorbitol (E-420) 100g, mannitol (E-421) 65g, DL – methionine 15g, L -lysine monohydrochloride 10gr.

Special conservation precautions:

Keep in a cool, dry place, protected from light.

Available in 30 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml and 1 liter formats