ForteBird CureBird Liquido 100 ml

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CUREBIRD is a unique combination of sodium butyrate and a set of essential oils such as oregano and ginger among others, effective throughout the gastrointestinal tract that allows the gradual release of the product during the bird's digestion.

It is a great alternative to antibiotics due to its proliferative properties, its antibacterial properties (Gram + and Gram -) and its anti-inflammatory properties.

Instructions for use: Administer 1 ml of Curebird per liter of water preventively. 

When the birds show clear symptoms, you can increase the dose to 2ml per liter of water for 7 days.

The water must be renewed daily.

Composition: 50% butyric acid and essential oils such as carvacrol and zingiberene among others.

Formats: 30ml, 100ml and 250ml