ForteBird Cardo Mariano 120 g

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Mixture of dehydrated ground milk thistle and dehydrated pinkies.
This composition is ideal for supplementing the breeding pastes used in wild birds, providing a source of protein, minerals and fatty acids that are very useful for this type of poultry.
The addition of this composition increases the protein level of breeding pastes with a very good quality protein source. Milk thistle is ideal as a liver protector for poultry, being a natural source.
Directions for use: Add 20 g/kg of pasta or feed, especially during the breeding season, and it can be used continuously throughout the year.
Composition: dried milk thistle powder, dried pinkies, correctors and preservatives.
Analytical components per 100g: crude protein 30.35%, crude fibre 40.73%, crude ash 6.02%, crude fat 11.70%, sugars and carbohydrates 3.20%, moisture 8%.
Target species: ornamental birds.
Packaging: 120 gr.