ForteBird BathBird 500 g

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Bathbird are bath salts with premium marine trace elements.

It contains macro and micronutrients that fully satisfy the quality of the product. 

Bathbird bath salts leave plumage clean, silky and free of parasites.

The use of bath salts is essential in bird baths, as it also reduces stress and pecking.

The use of salts is basic during the molting period of birds.

The quality, composition and aroma of bathbird make these salts the best on the market, leaving no one indifferent after use.

Instructions for use: Administer 2g of Bathbird for every liter of water in bathtubs continuously, especially during the shedding season. You can also spray the solution on the bird,

highly advisable before the contests.

Packaging: 250 grams and 500 grams