Parrot Finch Blue Faced Female

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Description: The Blue-faced Parrotfinch (Erythrura trichrome or Amblynura trichrome) is not only a beautiful bird but active, social, and generally peaceable. These rainforest natives prefer an open aviary over a flight cage, tending to act nervous when housed in smaller enclosures. If kept in cages, they should have at least 3 feet of horizontal flying space. Blue-faced parrotfinches love a good bath, so make sure that you supply clean fresh water daily to see these adorable aviary gems in their peak condition. 

Blue-faced Parrotfinches for sale add a punch of color to any aviary. Male Parrotfinches have a blue head and red upper tail coverts. The plumage is otherwise mostly a bright forest green. The hen is identical to the male but she is a little duller in the neck and the breast. Immature Blue-faced Parrotfinches are duller and have a dull blue head. They attain their full color at 20 months.

Size / Weight: 4.75" 

Temperament: Active, social, generally peaceable, but sometimes pester other breeding birds and tend to act nervous when housed in smaller enclosures. These birds need open spaces for flying as well as densely planted areas for climbing and nesting and are best suited to live in a large aviary as opposed to smaller enclosures. Blue-faced Parrotfinches do well in a mixed aviary with other passive species but should be limited to one pair per enclosure.

Breeding: Breeding should be restricted to the warmer months. When given the right housing and diet, Blue-faced parrotfinches tend to breed prolifically, and will often need to have the sexes separated in the off-season to prevent over breeding. Limit one pair of Blue-faced parrotfinches per breeding enclosure, as these birds do not breed as well in colony fashion. A proper breeding diet (half-ripe seeds, sprouted seed, peas, corn, Egg Food, etc.) should be offered as soon as pairs are introduced.

Lifespan: 7-8 years