Canary Fife Male

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Despite its small size, the Fife Fancy Canary is very lively and a great choice for the beginner. This delightful little bird is quite hardy and very easy to keep.They are not prone to disease, come in all the canary colors, and the male has a wonderful pleasant song. They are also ready breeders and most often good at rearing their young.

The Fife Fancy Canary is a type of canary, bred for physical characteristics rather than color or song. They are a newer canary variety, developed in the 1950's by Scottish breeders in and around the area of Fife. It is a smaller version of the Border Canary. With the emphasis on developing the Border into a larger bird, dedicated Scots devoted their efforts to bringing back the original standard of the Border. Thus the Fife Fancy Canary came into being, capturing the hearts of people around the world.

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