Feeder Plastic Three Hole

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 Bird feeder using high-quality plastic, it is not easy to age, not easy to break, and is durable. And there are 2 holes, which can allow 2 birds or pigeon to eat at the same time, or one hole can be filled with feed and the other hole can be filled with water, which is multi-functional.

  • Pigeon feeder with a cover, it can prevent the feed from leaking out, which saves the feed to a large extent, and it is also waterproof, even in rainy days, it will not get the feed wet. It can also prevent the droppings of birds pigeon from falling in, ensuring the sanitation of the feed
  • Pigeon feeder There are 2 buttons on the back, which can adjust the distance and length at will, and can be well fixed on any size bird cage or pigeon cage, firm and stable
  • Bird feeder Hanging on the outside of the bird cage and pigeon cage makes it easier to add feed without frightening the birds. It is not only convenient for cleaning and cleaning of residual feed, but also for adding new feed.