English Zebra Finch Male

by Birds For Sale

Description: Larger and plumper than regular-sized Zebra finches, the English Zebra Finch will add variety to any aviary.

Colorful, curious, and chatty personalities with a somewhat monotonous "honking" song that grows on you. Slightly territorial but less so than their normal-sized cousins and not as active.

Coloring is the same as a Normal Regular sized Zebra. English Zebra Finches have hues of gray-blue and brown dominating the normal bodied zebra. Black stripes and band on the chest with outrageous orange cheek patches on the male. A teardrop below the eye and a bright red beak is standard fare. The female lacks the cheek patch, the striping, and the breast band. Many mutations in color are available.

Size: 4-5 inches in length.

Breeding: They prefer a 5x5 box nest with a half-open front. Provide bulky nesting materials such as grasses and coco fiber with soft white cotton or white feathers for the finishing. Remove nesting material when egg-laying begins or the male will continue to build over the eggs. Incubation shared by both parents and takes 13-16 days.