Carophyll Red 10% 150 g

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DSM Carophyll Red is extremely effective colour enhancing food additive for aquarium and pond fish. Wether you keep Discus, Koi, Flowerhorns, live bearers or anything in between this product will have a positive effect on their yellow colouration.

Carophyll Red colour food, registered Trademark of DSM. 10% Canthaxanthin. This product is packaged in a quality heat sealed resealable pouch/bag, of which is BRC and FDA food grade approved.

Carophyll Red colour food can be used by mixing into either soft food or in drinking water to aid colouring of the required species.
The most effective time to introduce Carophyll is during the moult. It is normal for coloured canary breeders to wait until the first moult before colo27ur feeding.

Canthaxanthin, lignosulfonate, corn starch, dextrin, BHT as preservative(4,4%, E 321*).

Directions for use:
For manufacturing, processing or repacking. Sold for use only in the manufacture of feed products. Ornamental Birds except ornamental breeder hens and Ornamental fish: max 100mg/kg complete feed, Ornamental breeder hens: max 8mg/kg complete feed, Minor poultry species for fattening and Chickens for fattening: max 25mg/kg complete feed, Laying poultry and Poultry reared for laying: max 8mg/kg complete feed.