Dr. Brockamp Omega-3-Lecithin Oil 500 ml

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Probac Oregano Oil 

Antibacterial structure oil for prevention of intestinal illnesses caused by bacteria

Probac Oregano Oil contains the digestive, essential oils of the oregano plant (carvacrol and thymol), as well as all important essential fatty acids. They stimulate gall and enzyme secretion, in particular, in the digestive tract and optimise digestion. Less harmful metabolites accumulate, fodder is better utilised and the immune system is strengthened.

Disturbed digestion is a precursor for a number of harmful (pathogens) microorganisms and endoparasites. Indigestion can occur especially during stressful situations like travel, breeding and moulting, which can, in extreme cases reveal itself in the form of dysentery. During travel time, declines in performances have the consequence of this expressing itself through poorly growing young birds (often associated with water marks in the feathers). During the moulting time, feather damages are visible (horizontal stripes in the quill and vexullum, water marks as well as crippled feathers).

The special effectiveness of oregano is based on the essential oils carvacrol and thymol contained therein. A series of scientific studies shows that it has outstanding preventative effects against pathogenic bacteria like coccidian, hexamite, mycoplasma, E. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, chlamydiae and cornyebacteria as well as against hair and roundworms and different types of fungus like aspergillus, candida and actinomycetes.

For administration through the fodder

Recommended dosage:
5 ml Oregano Oil to 1 kg fodder 2-3 x weekly