Dr. Brockamp Endosan 250 ml

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(oregano liquid 10%)

Endosan, just like the Oregano Oil, contains the digestive promoting ethereal oils of the oregano plant, however in water soluble form. Therefore it is particularly well suited for prevention of stomach and intestinal infections through the drinking water.

On the basis of its outstanding antibacterial effects it is also very well suited as drinking water disinfectant, which is of particular importance with outside temperatures around 30° C.

Both Probac Oregano Oil and endosan are well suited for supporting the effects of Probac 1000 throughout the year. The ethereal oils contained therein “clean” the intestines and the useful bacteria contained in Probac quickly repopulate it. Therefore using the products consecutively in combination is recommended.

After the use of antibiotics and/ or chemotherapeutics or after vaccinations, this is recommended exactly like during the breeding and moulting phases. This combination has proven itself in particular as a means for natural prevention of young animal sickness (Adeno).

During resting time the regular administration of endosan represents a very easy opportunity to keep the pigeons in optimal health without bringing it up to form. Endosan can also be combined amazingly well with iodine products like Blitz, which you can simply put in the same drinking trough. Thus you also attain outstanding preventative effects against fungal growth.

For administering through drinking troughs.

Recommended dosage:
1 ml endosan to 2-3 l water 2-3 x weekly