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Modern drinking water disinfection – the revolution in racing pigeon sport!

Why is hygiene so important with drinking water for humans and animals (racing pigeons)?

The digestive tract is by far the largest entry point for germs of all kinds. Clean and uncontaminated drinking water is the basis for health and well-being in both humans and animals. Life-threatening problems caused by contaminated drinking water, for example during natural disasters, occur again and again. Potentially fatal illnesses, for example dysentery, cholera and other infections, are often caused by contaminated drinking water in these situations. Actually, everyone is aware of the importance of hygienically safe drinking water. More attention needs to be given to drinking water in the pigeon racing sport.

What is RopAdeno®?

RopAdeno® is a new electrolysis-treated water with special characteristics. By using this special technology, through which the water is subsequently treated with electrical current, amongst other elements hyperchloric acid is also formed, one of the strongest disinfecting agents and, at the same time, one of the most compatible for living organisms. It is only because of this excellent compatibility that it is permitted to add RopAdeno® to the drinking water.

However, RopAdeno® is many times more effective than hyperchloric acid alone and, with its near neutral pH value, it is also not corrosive. A part of the added electric energy remains in the molecules and substances, which in a normal environment will discharge themselves back into equilibrium.

This high energy charge can, for the first time and through the product RopAdeno®, be stored in a bottle for a long time and is also demonstrably measurable as a redox potential.
The process of disinfecting water by electrolysis is not new. Hitherto however, after a short time, sometimes after only hours, the charge has simply neutralized itself again and with that there was no longer an effect against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores extant.
What is new is that, with RopAdeno®, for the first time success has been had in producing a stable and effective product for the long-term and thus being able to offer the market a truly marketable product. This new process is based on several patents.

Why is RopAdeno® effective?

When the positively charged RopAdeno®, as a cocktail of electrical charge and hyperchloric acid, comes into contact with microorganisms, it uses the negatively charged molecules in their cells to bring itself back into balance. In addition, it assaults elements in the cell wall and renders it porous. By drawing (with magnetism) the negative cell content through the assaulted cell wall, this content is destroyed and the bacteria is killed mechanically “in a flash”, as one could say. Development of a resistance is thus made impossible.
RopAdeno ® acts very quickly against all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

In addition, RopAdeno® dissolves the biofilm on the drinking water in which pathogens can settle themselves. If you should ever have had a pathogen in the water pipes, then even clean drinking water can be immediately contaminated by the pathogens lodged in the biofilm of a water pipeline. This problem, that pathogens may have colonised the water pipes, can by the way occur anywhere. This can on occasion also be a serious problem with racing pigeon transport vehicles.

The legislature permits a 3% addition (30 ml/1 litre) of RopAdeno® to drinking water and classifies this as perfectly safe for humans and animals. This dosage provides an assured protection level against the transmission of diseases through drinking water. The intestinal flora is maintained and the animals will be full of health, because they are protected against and free of unwanted germs.
A higher dose would, in the course of acute young animal disease, also be possible for a short-term. The practice has however already shown that, at a daily dosage of only 10 to 15 ml in 1 litre of drinking water, breeders who were beset by young animal disease every year were, for the first time, not affected by an outbreak. For the first time many of these breeders could also wholly abstain from using antibiotics. In the racing year 2010 RopAdeno® was used for the first time by many internationally known breeders with overwhelming success. Jos. Vercammen, J. Jakobs, T. Bergemann & R. Hermes

Why use RopAdeno® in water bowls or in racing pigeon transport vehicles?

All birds carry loft-specific pathogens in the form of germs, bacteria or viruses in themselves. When many pigeons come together, as with the younger pigeons, after a short time you will have, logically, many different pathogens directly in the drinking water, where the pathogens can vigorously multiply, and they are then absorbed directly into the gastrointestinal tracts of all the other pigeons. This problem has been known for a long time and is known as “crowding”.

RopAdeno® kills ALL of these pathogens immediately and keeps their drinking water clean, without being harmful to the pigeons. That means, the pathogens will no longer be passed on through drinking water and can also not settle in the drinking vessels.


Preventive: 10ml per liter of drinking water
If necessary: 15ml per liter of drinking water


0.05% – 0.07% active chlorine