Dosto Oregano Feed Oil 3%--600ml

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NEW!!! Dosto-Oregano with a higher concentration of active ingredients and essential oils for healthy airways!

The goal of Dostofarm Germany is continual improvement. Continual improvement means recognizing the opportunities from today and tomorrow and thus we are using our skills to constantly improve our products. As a result, we are always ahead of the competition. We were the pioneers for Oregano products in the racing pigeon sport. In the meanwhile, there are many suppliers in the market who are able to make use of the Oregano brand name. There are more than 150 different types of oregano in nature with entirely different ingredients and effects. Oregano is not equal to oregano. Oregano oil from Turkish wild harvestings and Greek or Spanish culinary herb oregano alternates quite substantially in its ingredients and is conceivably unsuitable for safe use on racing pigeons if it comes from these cheap commercial markets.

Dostofarm Germany is equipped with its own, patent-protected plants, from which Dosto Oregano oil is exclusively obtained. Dosto Oregano oil contains special ingredients, which can only be found here. This also establishes an excellent and safe effect in racing pigeons. Furthermore, Dosto Oregano oil is standardized, hence a consistently good effect is always guaranteed. There are no cheap wild harvested or synthetic oils in our products at all. Due to the reasons listed, we also have the opportunity as the only ones to produce Dosto Oregano oil in accordance with the quality specifications of the Medicinal Products Act.

Therefore the level of quality of our new Dosto-Oregano is unique. The active ingredient concentration of the liquid form and of the powder form was increased to 12% and the feed oil to 3%. Due to the addition of the new essential oils, which have a demonstrably very good effect on the airways, you will now fill two needs with one deed. On the one hand, you will have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and will additionally have healthy airways since free airways are the basis for all success in pigeon racing.

Dosto Oregano feeds oil 3%, as the name already says, must only be used via the feed. It is not water-soluble! For sports fans, who prefer to use via the feed, Dosto-Oregano Feed Oil 12% is the optimum solution with the modern dosing head. Each drop yields 2 ml. I recommend 5 ml to 1 kg feed as a normal dosage.

You can optimally bind all powder to the feed with Dosto-Oregan Feed Oil 3%. I give Dosto-Oregano Feed Oil 3% daily combined with Immunol via the feed during the racing season in the first three days after the return. The pigeons are in super shape afterward. The downfalls and round, firm faeces lies in each cell.


4-6ml per 1kg of food (one pump stroke corresponds to 2ml)


Analytical components:
Raw fat 97,4%

Rapeseed oil, sunflower oil

Sensory additives per liter:
A mixture of natural aromas 30.000mg (3%)


Close immediately after use (loss of aroma).
Keep dry and cool, but do not store below 10°C.