Dac Ornithosemix 100 g

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Ornithosemix 100 gr by DAC is a highly efficient compound for treating ornithosis and Coryza (Mycoplasmosis).

Treatment and prevention of:
* Ornithosis
* Coryza
* Colibacillosis
* Sensitive pathogens cloortetraciclina.

* Cloortetraciclina 5000 mg.

  - 5 grams per 1 ltr drinking water (20/25 pigeons) during 5 - 7 successive days.
  - In the drinking water: Dissolve the dose in water to drink pigeons to try for a day. Note that in hot weather drink more water.
  - At lunch: Moisten the seeds of cooperation with yogurt or with natural fruit juice and sprinkle the dose of medication.

Pack of 100 gram