Dac Combi Worm 50 Tablets

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Product Description

Combi Worm tabs are used to individually treat your racing pigeons for liver fluke, tapeworm, hair- and roundworm infections. Treatment is essential to prevent infestation, causing deterioration of condition and development of diseases. 
Administer 1 tablet to each individual Racing Pigeon by hand down the throat. Repeating treatment 10-12 days post initial treatment. 

For the treatment of infestation of liver fluke, tapeworm, hair- and roundworm infections follow the following instructions and doses:-
• Combi Worm Dosage: 1 tablet per racing pigeon only.- Repeat treatment 10-12 days after initial treatment. Administered by hand to each individual Bird.

Advice For Use:
o When do you treat your animals: as a routine, after moult, if you buy new birds
in case of worm infections.
o Don't give during coupling, feeding the youngsters and birds younger than 14 days old.

Packaging: 50 Tablets a package
Dose: 1 Tablet per racing pigeon.